Inhabitants of Safyr


The Humans that inhabit the world of Safyr are descendants of three physiologically distinct tribes that came with the Avatars and were left behind when the Avatars retreated into seclusion behind the City of Lights.

Multiple generations of inter-tribal breeding and warfare for the dwindling resources they arrived with as they adapted to the world have left Humans relatively homogenous in their physiological makeup and devoid of knowledge of their history.

Even without the dilution of the various Human bloodlines, no Human nor their Farangian and Safyrian offshoots know where their species as a whole come from, despite it being obvious to them they were not native to the planet, their ancestors having arrived with the Avatars a blank slate with no recollections of their past.

Humans stand between 5 and 6 feet tall with skin, hair and eye colors ranging from pale to dark brown. They mature at around 18 years old and can live up to 90 years.


Descended from the children of the Iluvidae who once walked the world ten thousand years ago, the Fey, commonly also known as Elves are some of the most successful species on the surface of Safyr, with many large cities primarily raised by Elvish communities.

Fey stand between 5 and 7 feet tall and generally have the same complexions as Humans, but with sharper features and sharp elongated ears. Elves generally mature by the time they are 30 years old and can live for as long as 200 years.

Fey are renowned in the artistic sphere, their natural grace and fine motor skills generally creating great works of art, music and dance known far and wide.


Dwarves are descended from the children of the Tarfiinian gods that walked the world ten thousand years ago. They build great cities and fortresses underground to mine the precious Rudamite that their gods so desperately craved. When the Tarfiinians left, the Dwarves continued their work generation after generation expecting to fulfill their gods’ backlog when they one day returned, but eventually forgot the reason for it beyond its importance.

Dwarves stood around 4 to 5 feet tall and had short, stout bodies and strong lungs. They generally had pale skin and eyes attuned to living and seeing underground, with coarse hair on their heads, faces and bodies that protected their skin while moving around the sharp rocks and tight tunnels of the underground.

Dwarves take around 25 years to mature and most live upward of 150 years.


Lagocavians are a collection of rodent-like species native to the mountains of Safyr. They are no larger than 3 feet tall with squat bodies. They mature at 3 years old and live no longer than 30 years. Lagocavians are obligate herbivores.

They bear a striking resemblance to the mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs native to Terra that Humans had brought with them.

Lagocavians are natural prey to many larger creatures both sapient and non-sapient that reside in the same mountain ranges that they do, and they have developed a natural ability to blend into their environment and hide in plain sight.


Skritlings are an insectoid species native to Safyr, specifically in desert biomes. They stand around 3 to 4 feet tall and have a thin chitinous shell on their backs that hide a pair of vestigial wings. Skritlings have a third pair of vestigial limbs just below their primary upper limbs that are too weak to operate or carry anything heavier than a few pounds. A pair of antennae and two beady eyes above a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth assist in their hunt for small prey and leftovers from larger predators.

Skritlings live and die fast, having a lifespan that rarely goes beyond a decade. In fact the Skritlings have a peculiar life cycle where they begin as a non-sapient 32 legged centipede called a Nang. A small number of Nang will begin to spin a cocoon and undergo metamorphosis a year after they hatch, and half a year later out pops a Skritling. Skritlings are unable to reproduce on their own, while the remaining Nang that do not become Skritlings, will break apart and become 10-16 eggs at the end of their lifespan that will birth more Nang.

Due to the lack of resources in their natural habitat and the eventual competition with other groups for them, as well as the intense heat during the day, Skritlings are incredibly agile in order to seek shelter from the beating sun or claim resources before another group can. Skritlings often express kleptomaniac tendencies.


The Avasa are not native to the world of Safyr, just like Fey, Dwarves and Human-related species. Their ancestors came to these lands as prisoners of the Avatars and were set loose to multiply and be hunted for sport by Humans and the Avatars when they still walked the land.

The vast majority of Avasa do not know the history of their species or where they originated from. However stories passed down by those that did spoke of a lush jungle world with air so light they could float on their wings and build cities out of rocks in the sky. The same stories also hinted at the Avatars' use of powerful magics to wrench these memories from the minds of their ancestors, though it was apparent a few managed to resist the process.

The Avasa look like 3 to 4 feet tall, round, pudgy creatures with blue fur, a pair of beady eyes beneath a pair of horns that are larger in males. They have no arms or hands, but have a pair of diminutive wings that can propel them upwards in short bursts as they jump, as well as two prehensile tails behind them with which they manipulate objects with. Their short, stout legs end in 3 digit feet with mouths underfoot with which they use to graze on grass and other low lying plants.

The position of their mouths mean they are unable to speak, but the Avasa are able to communicate among themselves and with other organic beings telepathically, as well as accurately read emotions, making many of them astute in business.


The Salimar are split into two distinct subspecies, one hailing from the frigid wastes of the north and the other from the depths of volcanoes. This amphibian-like species tends to be 5 to 6 feet tall, with rubbery skin and a tail for balancing upright.

Salimar hatch from a clutch of up to 24 eggs, maturing into adulthood by the time they are 1 year old and can generally live up to a century. Salimar tend to have poor eyesight but make up for it with a good sense of smell and hearing.


The Treefolk are the product of experiments conducted by the Iluvidae and Tarfiinian gods ten thousand years ago when they walked the land. These living trees and plants were granted sapience when the gods brought the Blue Pine to the world of Safyr and spliced them with the local flora.

Treefolk comes in various sizes, some as short as a 3 feet tall shrub and others as tall as 15 feet. Treefolk generally begin as a flowering bud on their parent, sprouting and growing to the minimum size for independence at around 5 years before falling off, fully formed and able to live naturally for thousands of years.

Despite their outward appearance, having leaves, flowers and bark, the Treefolk instead have tan colored flesh, a distributed nervous system (multiple “brain” nodes) and a circulatory system with off white blood inside their bodies. They survive mainly off the sun, but infrequently require the sustenance provided by food for nutrients with which to grow and maintain a healthy form.


Farangians are the descendants of a specific tribe of Humans known as the Vaurenians, that had a unique organ on their forehead known as the Huun. The Huun was closely connected to the brain and could convey complex thoughts and emotions between individuals when they touched each other with it.

The Huun however were also used by old and dying Vaurenians to transfer their consciousness into a newborn child in a ritual reserved only for the greatest members of their communities that had earned the right and was otherwise an outlawed act.

Farangians evolved from Vaurenians when the tribe on Safyr used their Huun to transfer their consciousness into the bears, wolves, panthers and other similar beasts they brought with them in order to adapt to and survive in their new environment, eventually transforming into 7 to 9 feet tall bipedal half-beasts and losing their Huun in the process.

While Farangians retained their sapience in their new forms, they were however very much affected by the natural bestial instincts of the creatures they now inhabited. Farangians mature by 3 years old and don’t usually live more than 50 years.


The Coretex are not an organic lifeform, but each entity a collection of interdependent machines that develop a consciousness. Their origins are unclear. All Coretex came from the Father, a massive entity of steel that fell from the skies a hundred years ago, burrowing itself into the ground and tunneling throughout Safyr while leaving individual Coretex modules behind in its wake.

Each Coretex entity can generally be as big as the sum of modules that make up its collective, but are optimally between 5 and 8 feet tall to maintain a sapient existence with minimal maintenance. Coretex entities have no definite lifespan as long as they have access to metal to repair themselves and ample sunlight to power their functions, however most begin to develop a form of psychosis and lose control of themselves as over time they accumulate experiences, memories degrade and a coherent sense of self is lost, often resulting in physically self destructive behavior.

Despite magic and psionics being understood to be the privilege of sapient, living creatures of Safyr, the Coretex entities have displayed a curious ability to mimic the same results instinctively, though in a rather "mechanical" manner.


The Giantkin are one of the oldest species native to Safyr, hailing from the lowland plains of the world. Despite the proliferation and manifestation of Arcane and Psionic abilities among the world’s inhabitants when the Iluvidae and Tarfiinian gods brought and seeded Blue Pine trees ten thousand years ago, the Giantkin are uniquely unaffected by its presence and their effects.

Giantkin stand between 9 to 12 feet tall and generally have rough skin in various shades of grey, blue or green. Most will mature around 25 years old and can live upward of 150 years.


Safyrians are the descendents of Human slaves and prisoners the Avatars brought to the world of Safyr to farm and harvest Resin from the Blue Pines that sparsely populate forests around the world. The multi-generational extensive and direct exposure to powdered Resin have mutated these stewards into their current irradiated form that endow them with a modicum of the Resin’s energetic properties.

With the retreat of the Avatars into seclusion within the City of Lights, Safyrians have mostly spread beyond and left behind many of the farms their ancestors once tended to for multiple generations.

Safyrians look like hairless humans 5 to 6 feet tall, their skin ranging from pale to shades of light blue and their bodies glow with a soft light. The Safyrians mature at around 18 years old, but live no longer than 60 years.


The Coralaxi are a bird-like species native to the forests and jungles all around Safyr. They are a diverse group with varying feather patterns and colors and beak shapes depending on the region they hail from. But all Coralaxi are unified by their feathered wings that end with three fingers capable of prehensile movement.

Unlike most non-sapient birds of Safyr, Coralaxi have a tongue with which they enunciate words despite their rigid beaks. Most Coralaxi are between 3 and 5 feet tall and weigh very little to sustain their ability to fly.

Coralaxi begin life as eggs laid by a female parent, and hatch after 6 months. They eventually mature in 3 years time and can live up to a century.