Leaves of Sapphire

The Chronicles of Sepheron

The Song of Thunder

A chill wind whispers through Tsagan Bey's yurt, carrying tales of restless spirits and vanished youth. Whispers echo the chilling roars of dragons and battle cries from the ancestral crypts. Unease prickles the Altan Ger clan. The stoic chieftain summons his fiercest warriors, their faces grim under the watchful gaze of the Pillar of Heaven mountain.

Temple of the Sleeping God

Torn from simple bounty hunting to a god's crusade, a ragtag band of adventurers face a gruesome choice: serve as unwilling pawns against an undead-raising cult, or face the wrath of a being beyond mortal reckoning. Can they survive this unholy war and reclaim their lives, or will they become sacrifices to the incomprehensible motives of eldritch entities?

The House of Fear and Regret

A group of unwitting bounty hunters become the hunted as they become trapped by an eldritch horror that will not let them leave.

The Ancient Past and Movement of the Stars

Fleeing a star devoured by cosmic hunger, humanity joins the galactic stage in 4853 CE. Among starfaring oddities and ancient alliances, can they rebuild, adapt, and carve their place in this vibrant, alien cosmos, or will they be consumed by the very stars they sought?

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