Creating illustrations to be the face of your business.

A well designed character or mascot is like an ambassador for your business whether it be a corporation or even a small time V-Tuber.

We provide commission services to create company mascots, V-Tuber personas, TTRPG character art, or even personalized caricatures for gifts.

Price List


SGD 30


SGD 50

Full Body

SGD 70

Complex Designs with Accessories

+$ (Please Contact us for Quote)

Additional Characters

+50% on Base Price

Commercial License

+ SGD 200
If you intend to use the illustration for any commercial application, please ask for a commercial license.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I own the copyright to the commissioned illustration?

Copyright of all illustrations created belong to me, the artist in perpetuity. The basic agreement when an illustration is commissioned is that it would be used for individual non-commercial purposes.

For commercial licensing agreements, please contact me to learn more.

How do commissions work?

Most commissions begin with a simple description of your commission vision via our inquiry form. The following details help expedite our reply:

  1. The name and/or link to my past works most akin to your desired artwork
  2. Your desired artwork usage and vision.
  3. Your target receive-by date. We then reply with an overview of the process and next available kick-off dates.

    Once we arrive at a general direction, scope, and budget, we send a commission questionnaire to collect any other reference material you would like me to draw from.  All commissions require an initial 50% deposit upon sketch approval.
What can I expect when I order a commission?

The timeline for a typical commission is as follows:

  • Basic details confirmed & next available kick-off established.
  • Deposit paid.
  • Spot in commission queue secured.
  • Commission questionnaire sent via email.
  • 1-2 weeks following established kick-off date, you receive digital sketches via email (typically 2-3 sketches). We will also send your estimated project delivery date at this time.
  • A color sketch follows, once the base sketch is approved.
  • Once the color sketch is finalized, we begin to commit to the finalized piece and the remaining 50% cost of the illustration is to be paid.
  • A final high resolution digital artwork will be emailed to you.

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