Cavie Adventurers

The Rogue

Cavie Rogues are kleptomaniacs by nature. Food is the only thing on their mind. If they can't get their paws on shiny things, a treat or two in kind is enough reason to grab it.

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The Bard

Cavie Bards are good natured individuals who love the company of others. In fact, they almost never travel alone, preferring to form wandering troupes and marching bands.

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The Fighter

Cavie Fighters are stouthearted warriors, always ready to take on any challenge.

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The Wizard

The Cavie Wizard is full of curiosity and wonder. A studious adept in the magical arts, they spend a lot of their time cloistered in their burrow thinking up new spells to conjure another wonderful meal.

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The Paladin

Holy and valorous warriors, Cavie Paladins are the bastion of all that is good and tasty. They defend their fellow Guinea Pig brethren from the demonic Cats with their strength of faith and mastery of arms.

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The Cleric

Cavie Clerics are the defenders of the Om Nom faith.When they are not out fervently converting followers to the Cult of Food by word or by hammer strike, they obediently pray for more hay and pellets and make a point to share the bounties of their religion with any other Cavie who needs it.

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The Barbarian

What are Cavie Barbarians? Yea, they are just Fighters, but when you forget to feed them after 8 hours. And then they go into a whirlwind of frenzy because you didn't feed them. Shame on you.

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The Sorcerer

Cavie Sorcerers are born with immense power. Most are also a tad bit on the neurotic side trying to but never able to control their Wild Magic. While most Cavies eat kibble and poop...well, poop. Cavie Sorcerers can eat poop and poop kibble.

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The Ranger

They are the shadows, the ghosts of the forest. Cavie Rangers are the masters of stealth and marksmanship, keeping the balance of power between the Rodent Clans of the woods.

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The Druid

Cavie Druids are the protectors of the wild lands and the embodiment of nature's beauty and gentleness. They live in harmony with the other creatures of the forest and share in their bounty.

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The Monk

Mastering the balance of mind, body and soul, Cavie Monks are the martial artists of their world. To them, martial arts are not merely a means to knock apples from a tree, but an art form to pursue perfection over.

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The Warlock

The outcasts of Cavie society, Cavie Warlocks have sold their soul to some nefarious entity to obtain the powers necessary to feed their hunger for more food. Where others would work hard to obtain theirs, they merely wish it into existence through their dark pact.

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